About Us

Good schools are essential both to the well-being of individual students and to the Butler community.

The Golden Tornado Scholastic Foundation, Inc. endeavors not only to enhance the lives of Butler's students, but in doing so, strengthen the Butler community as a whole, now and in the future.

We are an independent nonprofit organization that promotes excellence in the Butler Area School District by providing funding through a number of programs.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Foundation functions as a separate entity from the Butler Area School District.

Our Mission

To help our schools teach children to strive for excellence and achievement
To showcase the talents of our students
To open young minds
To expand the horizons of knowledge

Our Members

The GTSF membership is comprised of volunteer school and community leaders dedicated to supporting the educational programs of the District and the scholastic achievements of its students.

Ann Baglier

Adam Benjamin

Jenley Birch, Secretary

Paul Blose

Vanessa Boyd

Chad Broman

Erich Campbell

Liane Chisholm

Frank Cicco

Beth Gillan

Lisa Nicholas Konesni

Julie Hopp

Joshua Hundertmark

Dana Leyland

Jennifer McIntire

Dr. Carrie Morgan-Davis, President

Audray Muscatello Yost

Richard Musko

Alice Nunes

Leslie Osche

Gerri Paulisick

Chris Platt

John Reddick, Vice President

Catherine Rodgers, Treasurer

Jeanne Rosenbauer

Tammy Schuey

Dr. Brian Slamecka

Jerry Slamecka

Joshua Slear

Stephanie Slear

Al Vavro

Dr. Brian White, Jr.

Dr. John Wyllie

Ellen Scott, Executive Director